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Big Slick

Davids newest CD Album just released and dedicated to all the Poker Players, Texas Holdem' players and Custom Built Choppers. " For Best Price on CD's Buy Direct from David "
If you enjoy going to the casinos and playing the slots or playing the card game of Texas Hold’em or just a fan of country gambling songs in general , do I have a CD for you . Let me tell you a little about each one of the songs I’ve written and the covers I’ve chosen for this project . # 1 “ Darned Ole Casinos “ Most everyone has visited a casino and has put some money in a slot machine trying to hit the big jackpot . Well , I’ve done it a lot of times and have gotten carried away and lost more than I should have . Then about two weeks later I received a note in the mail from the casino with an offer of a free room and points for a buffet dinner if I’d come back and play . This song is about the weakness I have for those Darned Ole Casinos . # 2 “ Friday Night Poker Game “ . I had asked Lonnie Ratliff of the Nashville Showcase if he had any songs about gambling in his library of originals or if he would be interested in co-writing an original with me. He used to play dominos years ago on Friday nights with some friends . So , he wrote some lyrics about playing poker in the same type of environment and it fit what I was raised doing on the weekends to a T. I came from a big family of four brothers and a little sister . Our past time was playing rummy and other fun card games . After we were grown and had a job making our own living my Daddy let us play poker with him and his friends on the weekends . My uncles , cousins and friends would gather around my Mother’s kitchen table and play poker . So I changed a few of the lyrics and names paid a friend of mine Kevin Bailey to write a cord aggression for the song . After all of the instrument fills and back up vocals we came up with a song that I think will be a classic . # 3 “ Big Slick “ The Texas Hold'em Dream Machine " BIG SLICK " is now available for viewing . In January of 2008 I had stopped by to visit a friend of mine , Bobby Kerr in Hico , Texas. He and his son Cody was working on building a custom chopper called “ Rodeo “. The bike was destined to be an award winner in the custom chopper bike world and that is exactly what happened . I asked Bobby & Cody if they would be interested in helping me design and build a custom chopper with a Texas Hold’em theme using some chrome barbwire as a touch of class . They loved the idea and after a year and three months of thinking , planning , building , fabricating , assembling , testing and experimenting , the Texas Hold’em dream machine ; “ Big Slick “ was created with 14 autographs of World Texas Hold'em Poker Champions . I think it is destined to also be an award winner . Big Slick is the first of the Texas Hold’em series of custom Choppers designed by Cline & Kerr. Bikes like ; Cowboys , Twin Chicks , AJ , Dolly Pardon , etc. are yet to come. We hope that all the casinos in the US will be interested in displaying : “ BIG SLICK “ as an attraction at their next Poker Main Event . # 4 “ Texas Hold’em “ I was invited to play the game , Texas Hold’em with some new friends . It was a fun game but believe me I was getting a lesson in how to lose money . But , I found the game to be a really fun past time and I chalked it up as expensive entertainment . So I decided to start writing songs about my learning experience and some of the terminology used in the game of Texas Hold’em . # 5 “ Brand New Friends “ After losing more then I could afford to dish out for entertainment , I found the game online . I can play for free with play money with thousands of folks from all over the world . I can play anytime I want to , right here at my house with the click of a mouse and I don’t loose a dime . So , I was glad to find me some Brand New Friends . # 6 “ Texas Hold’em Championship Bracelet “ I have watched on TV a lot of the World Series of Poker games . When the game is down to the final two players , a bunch of fine looking ladies will bring out millions of dollars and pile it up three feet high on one end of the table . But there is another reward there on the very top that money can’t buy . It’s something made of diamonds and gold and nothin’ can replace it . It’s the Texas Hold’em Championship Bracelet . # 7 “ I’m All In “ You’ll hear a lot of things said during a game . Some are negative and some are positive . but they’re just trying to get into your head . For the most part , all is ignored and paid no attention . However , there is three little words that everybody always pays attention to . They can bring your game to an end . The words are ; I’m All In . # 8 “ Bad Beat Blues “ You can be dealt a monster hand like quad Aces and think that you have the hand won . Odds are you will . But there is a remote chance someone will hit a better hand . That would be the straight flush to expose the definition of a Bad Beat . There’s nothing you can do except suffer with , the Bad Beat Blues . # 9 “ Lady Luck “ Yes sir , Lady Luck can bring fortune , fame or shame . If you draw out on someone , you have Lady Luck to thank . But if you’re the one that gets drawn out on , you have Lady Luck to blame . # 10 “ That Almighty River “ To be a winner , you have to take a gamble from time to time . Sometime , you’re putting your tournament life on the line . The river card can make or break ya without a doubt , it can double you up or take you out . # 11 “ The Gambler “ This cover song is a classic . I sincerely hope you will enjoy our version of it . It’s one of two cover songs recorded as a duet with my son , Bryan Cline ( ) . # 12 “ Ace In The Hole “ Another classic gambling song that Bryan & I recorded as a duet . I believe the sound of the clarinet really adds a little more touch of class to this already excellent hit song . # 13 “ All The King Georges “ A friend of mine , Mr. Farrell Knight , had this song on his CD titled ; Wanted Man . Being the classic country music fan that I am , I asked him if he would mind if I also recorded the song for my next CD project . He gave me his blessings . Even though it has nothing to do with gambling , I just wanted to give something extra to all the fans of country music.

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My Daddy's Music

" For Best Price on CD's Buy Direct from David " " My Daddy's Music " is selected one of the top 25 songs of the year 2006 by the DCWRadio . View details at www.dimelocoutry/2006best.html " My Daddy's Music " is also in the CountryBear internet radio top 100 song list of 2006 Another Special Announcement !!!!!! Dear Mr. Cline, The NARAS Committee for your category has listened to your recent CD and entered you in five (5) categories: 1. Best Country Album- "My Daddy's Music", Artist David Cline 2. Best Country Song- "Honey's Little Hummer - songwriter David Cline 3. Best Country Song: "My Daddy's Music" - songwriters David Cline & Farrel Knight 4. Best Male Country Vocal Performance: "If I Can Dream" - David Cline 5. Best Male Country Vocal Performance: "My Daddy's Music" - David Cline Congratulations and have a great weekend. NARAS Field Member, Phil York. " No Grammy Nomination Received for these Submissions" CD BABY for MP3 DOWNLOADS and CD'S!

Good Ole Country Music And Western Swing WOW !!! what an HONOR . As of Oct 2004 this CD has been listed by the nominating committee of N.A.R.A.S. to be considered for a nomination in three categories . The categories are ; Best Country Album , Best Male Country Vocal Performance and Best Country Song , for the song " Good Ole Country Music And Western Swing " . The song also hit # 1 on the European Country Music Assc. Singles chart in Jan 2004. David's first three CDs were also considered for nominations. He now has a total of eight considerations on four CDs. " No Grammy Nomination Received for these Submissions" CD BABY: CD's and MP3 Downloads!

The Gospel Side of David Cline
This is David's first Gospel CD . Two of the songs were penned by David . The song titled : " Heart And Soul " is a song that he wrote as a tribute to his Mother in 1995. David & his former brother-n-law, Mr. Mike Hicks wrote the song when David's Mother was lost to the terrible disease of Alzheimers . This song is what started David's song writing and singing career . David wrote " Unforgettable Angel Of Gold " as a tribute to a dear cousin , Mrs. Ann McFadden . Her Mom had asked David to write a song about her and he had no idea at the time how to do it. Then he remembered a little gold angel that her daughters had placed on the pillow of her casket. That gave him the idea for the verses . Her marriage to her husband Mike will always be UNFORGETTABLE . She watched over her children like an ANGEL . She had a heart of GOLD toward everyone . The rest of the songs are traditional favorites of his family and friends. My wife Becky & I want to thank you for your interest and all of your time. If you're looking for a gift for that person you just don't know what to get , consider this CD as a special gift or one of my ( 5 ) country CDs . " No Grammy Nomination Received for these Submissions" CD BABY for MP3 DOWNLOADS and CD'S!

Texas Hold'em Texas Hold'em Now that I'm retired from my business and all of the truck driving I've done over the last 25 years I have more time to write and promote my music. Anybody for a game of cards ? Texas Hold'em is one of the hottest games in the Poker World today. I have the fever. Everybody is playing the game and it's even on national TV. I just had to write a song about my experience of learning how to play the game with some friends of mine and believe me, it has been and still is a lot of fun. " Texas Hold'em " is the title cut of my new CD . The CD has four new originals , four originals from previous albums and two new cover songs. " Brand New Friends ". Now after playing the game for a few months with my friends it has proven to be a little expensive . So I went on-line and found the game where I can play the game with play money. It almost satisfies my gambling desires and it doesn't cost me a dime. Yeap , I found me some Brand New Friends to play with. " Ace In The Hole " is a remake of the George Strait tune sang by my son ( Bryan Cline ) and me . I'm honored to have him on this CD also. " Shiny Ride " is a song I've written about those trucks that are out on the road that shine in the sun light and glistens in the moon light. Some drivers take a lot of pride in their ride. " Just One Beer Away " , " Ridin' Course " , " Small Town Street Dance " and " Let's Go Dancin' " are some of the originals from previous CD's . " If You've Got The Money " is a remake recorded with Ms. Debbie White. What a country voice this beautiful and talented lady has. " (The Lone Star Honky Tonkin' Boogie Woogie) Two Step Of Texas " My wife & I have danced together for 33 years. I've always added a little extra to the step when we do the Two Step. Everybody has always asked us , what do we call the dance we do . Well , now it has a name. GREAT NEWS , my new CD " Texas Hold'em " has received five considerations for GRAMMY Nominations . Best Country Album Best Country Male Vocal Performance - song, Texas Hold'em Best Country Song " Two Step Of Texas " Best Country Song " Brand New Friends " Best Country Song " Texas Hold'em " If you're looking for a gift for that person you just don't know what to get , consider a " Texas Hold'em " CD or any of my other ( 4 ) country CD or my Gospel CD. " No Grammy Nomination Received for these Submissions" CD BABY: CD's and MP3 Downloads!

Border To Border , Coast To Coast
I've been a truck driver and business owner for a little over 20 years. I started writing and singing in 1995 when I wrote a song titled, "Heart and Soul" as a tribute to my Mother which we lost to Alzheimer's. I have since then created three CD's " Heart and Soul, " " Another Man's Treasure, " & "Border to Border, Coast to Coast." The first two CD's were accepted by the consideration committee of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences ( NARAS ) for consideration of a "GRAMMY" nomination in the category of Best Country Album. All three CD's have mostly original songs that I have written or co-written about my wife and family, including the dawg, and some of the things that we have experienced. I was influenced by the Heart felt songs of Hank Williams Sr., Mearl Haggard, Jim Reeves & Marty Robins. The light hearted humor of Ray Stevens, Roger Miller, Jerry Read & Roy Clark. I was always blowed away by the vocals of Elvis and the style of Dean Martin. Several national magazines have written full page articles about the CD's , such as Roadstar, Road King , Truckers News, The Trail Rider, Longhorn Journal, Cowboy Magazine, The Drover, Coast to Coast Country magazine as well as several newspapers. The new XM Radio has been playing all of my songs. They made an original of mind titled " Bar to Bar Stool to Stool " one of the theme songs for channel 10 America. We have over 160 radio stations in 23 states that have played our songs. I have sent six of my original songs to Europe through a promotional company called Western Heart Promotions in 2002. During the period of Nov. 1st thru 15th 2002 I became the number ( 1 ) most played independent artist on the Worldwide Mainstream charts . For the period of Jan 16th thru 31th 2003 I made it to # 2 out of 3,169 artist. Wow !!! What an honor. So if you still enjoy the way country music use to be , I think you'll enjoy listening to any one of these CD's . During the Lone Star Music Assc. 2002 Award Show held at Billy Bob's in Ft. Worth , Tx. my original " Let's Go Dancin'" won Traditional Country Song of the Year , my song " That's Our Dawg " won Comedy Song of the Year , I won " Songwriter of the Year " and "International Artist " WOW !!!!!! what a night. Thanks again for your time, David & Becky Cline GREAT NEWS ! ! ! ! " Border to Border , Coast to Coast " is a contender for 3 nominations for a GRAMMY . Best Country Album , Best Country Song , and Best Country Male Vocal Performance . WOW , what an honor just to be on that list again . The RoadStar Magazine will have an article about it in the Jan. 2004 issue . I also recieved the # 16 spot on the WorldWide Mainstream European Charts for most played artist for the year 2003. Thanks again for everyone's support. " No Grammy Nomination Received for these Submissions" CD BABY: CD's and MP3 Downloads!

Heart And Soul
TopCountryMusic.Com Review "Who says recording great country music is only for the very young? At 50+, the baritone singer/songwriter David Cline is proving that notion wrong. He's just released his first CD, Heart and Soul, available on the independent label of Circle Wire Records. Each of the 14 cuts on the CD are worthy of the great traditional country recordings of 20 or even 40 years ago. Classics such as Willie Nelson's "Hello Walls" George Ducas & T. Tyler's "I Don't Hurt Anymore," Al Smith's "Big Boss Man" and even the hallmark "Ghostriders in the Sky" are included on this CD. Cline superbly writes his own, and without exception, are well written Cline masterpieces of traditional and even early rock-country. Even a little humor is peppered into the songs designed to keep the audiences enthralled from cut one to cut fourteen. Memorable heart-tuggers are also included, such as "Unforgettable Angel of Gold" and "Without You." These are also excellent compilations by Cline. Rave reviews of the album have been featured in Cowboy Magazine, Drover Magazine, Truckers News, RoadKing Magazine and also RoadStar Magazine. CD BABY: CD's and MP3 Downloads!