David Cline & Big Slick Bio

Written by Becky Cline David was born December 21, 1948. He was the youngest son of four boys and one younger sister. His father was a salvage dealer and his mother a homemaker. David never had the opportunity to play football, baseball or any other extra curricular activities, but he knew first hand what a hard day's work was. He loved his parents, brothers and sister very much, no matter how hard life seemed to be. David married Becky on July 17, 1977, and they lived in a small house in Mesquite, Texas before moving to Combine, Texas in August of 1989. With the help of Becky's hard work towards their success, before her retirement on May 10, 2000, they provided a comfortable life for themselves and their three children. Becky has two daughters, Susan and Tami, and David has a son, Bryan. They also have 10 grandchildren, 5 boys and 5 girls. As of Jan. 22 2007 he & Becky now has a great granddaughter by the name of Randi Nichelle David worked as an insurance salesman, auto parts counterman and as an electrician before going back to his roots of dealing in salvage in 1973. In 1983 David was one of the three founders of A/C Equipment Unlimited, Inc. with headquarters in Dallas, Texas. He has been president and co-owner since the company's inception. David and Becky, with their boxer, Sir Spencer Gallahad, traveled in the company's 18 wheeler buying and delivering used and rebuildable commercial and industrial air conditioning equipment. In 1995 David was in Phoenix, Arizona on business when his mother passed away from complications from Alzheimer's. He caught a plane and flew home to be with his family for the burial services. He flew back to finish up his trip and to get his truck. During his return trip he wrote some memories of his mother in a poem. When he got back to Dallas, he thought it might make a pretty song. He asked his brother-in-law, Mike Hicks, to put music to the lyrics. David's first song, "Heart and Soul", was created. He went to Patrick McGuire's studio in Arlington, Texas and asked Patrick to find the best musicians available to record his song, as a tribute to his mother. He sent it to some of the local radio stations and a few of them played it on the air. He wrote another song for his wife as a gift for their 20th wedding anniversary called "Another Precious Year". David lost a close cousin in May 1998, Ann McFadden, who was only 44 years of age. Ann's mother asked him to write a song about her daughter and "Unforgettable Angel of Gold" was created. Over the next few years, David wrote more songs and couldn't get anyone interested enough in singing or recording them. After he wrote and recorded "I Think I'm a Cowboy Now", "Honky Tonkin" and "That Woman is My Wife", he had nine pretty good songs. Patrick McGuire, musicians, friends and family members suggested that he put his songs on his own CD. David and Becky made the decision to go for it, even though they knew very little about the music business. With Patrick McGuire as the producer and engineer, they felt at least it could turn out to be something to pass on to the family. David and Becky decided to take it one step further and create a 2 song music video of "I Think I'm a Cowboy Now" and "Honky Tonkin’ ". They sent the 2 songs to some companies of the equine industry letting them know they would like to have some sponsors for the video. After a short while, 25 different companies donated products. With David's ideas and with the help of Phil and Jan York at Big Y Productions in Irving, Texas and all the crew at Magic Video in Dallas, they created a 2 song music video. Now, David is an independent artist, starting late in life, but it has turned out to be the most self-gratifying project he has ever done. He has created his own Record Label and Publishing Co., while doing all the promoting, advertising and PR work as time has allowed and still run a corporation. As of January 2005, David has retired from his business. He and his wife, Becky, and their dog Scotty are enjoying traveling and promoting David’s music full time all over the world. David now enjoys playing Texas Hold’em several times a week ( with Becky’s permission  ). David has written some new songs, and now has seven Country CDs and one Gospel CD available. David’s latest CD ( number seven ) is titled “ Hold’em “ . A special two song CD about a card game called Texas Hol’em that has taken over the past time of millions of want to be gamblers . You don’t have to be an athlete to be a world class champion at this game . “ I’m All In “ is a song about the most popular phrase in the game . “ Texas Hold’em Championship Bracelet “ is about a piece of jewelry that any poker player would be proud to wear not to mention the millions of dollars it comes with . David’s number six CD is titled “My Daddy’s Music”. It has three originals and his rendition of six Classic Country hits finishing the CD off with a heart felt version of the song “If I Can Dream”. The title cut “My Daddy’s Music” was written by David and his friend, Farrel Knight. The other two originals, “Cheaper to Keep’er” and “Honey’s Little Hummer” was written by David. This CD was submitted for consideration for a Grammy nomination to The Recording Academy in five categories . David now has a total of eighteen submissions for Grammy nominations thanks to the help of Mr. Phil York of York Town Digital in Irving Texas. Even though he’s never received one of the nominations and that being on the first round list only constitutes being eligible for that year. Still he’s so proud to have been included on the first round list with country music super stars and other indie songwriters. He also has numerous other songwriting and entertainment awards to add to his credits. David’s music is now being played on XM Radio, Internet Radio as well as AM & FM radio stations all over the United States and Europe. In January of 2004 a song he wrote titled “Good Ole Country Music & Western Swing” hit number one on the European Country Music Charts. He has topped the Worldwide Mainstream Indie and Major Charts as most independent played artist in November of 2002. Over the years there have been numerous articles written about David and his music in local papers and national trade magazines. Magazines like Truckers News, Road Star, Road King and The Trail Rider. Most recently there has been a full two-page featured article written about David in the May/June issue of the National RV Companion Magazine. David doesn’t play an instrument, but he performs with his original tracks at private & company parties, fund raisers, festivals, truck shows, trail rides, cattle drives and trade day markets. He loves to sing with the bands of local opry’s. His songwriting and performing adventures have been the most self - gratifying projects he has ever done. He’s thrilled to be able to enjoy what little success it is , but he feels blessed to have recorded a Hank Williams Classic song titled “Move It On Over” and a George Strait song “Ace In The Hole” with his son , Bryan...I have a feeling there will be many more. David says, “Nothing ventured nothing gained, you can’t hit if you don’t swing”.

All of David’s CDs are available on his website www.davidcline.com or from Davids Link Page and look for "Purchase Davids Music"

BIG SLICK BIO " BIG SLICK " “ It’s a Texas Hold’em dream machine “ # 1 of the Texas Hold'em Series of Choppers , Designed by Cline & Kerr. I can’t say enough about a friend of mine by the name of Bobby Kerr and his son Cody. What a team of craftsmen in the art of bike building . Cody is only 24 years old with knowledge of a veteran bike builder. His expertise in designing , fabricating , assembling and fine tuning the mechanics of a custom chopper is nothing short of brilliant . His father , Bobby has to be the best metal work and free hand artist I had ever met . His eye for color combinations are unsurpassed . Talk about a Texas cowboy that can ramrod a project , he’s the man . Their patience , honesty and the plain spoken approach they take with all of their customers makes those two men a pleasure to deal with. They took a concept idea I had immediately after seeing a bike they were in the process of building called , “ RODEO “. It is an award winner for sure and has proven that. I love to play the card game of Texas Hold’em . So I ask them if they would be interested in building a bike for me . My concept idea was a bike with a Texas Hold’em theme. After a year and three months of thinking , planning , fabricating , building , testing , experimenting , designing , sanding , painting , sanding and painting again with a lot of patience , " BIG SLICK " rolled out of the shop at Kerr Dog Kustoms in Hico , Texas on Friday the 27th of Feb. 2009 . To make this bike something special , Bobby had an idea of putting some autographed cards signed by some of the world championship bracelet winners and poker players on the fuel tank of the bike . So, I went to some of the big poker tournaments and ask some of the players to autograph some cards for me to put on my chopper . I have to say , those folks are some kind of good down home people . What a pleasure it was to meet the ones that I did . This bike has a gold and silver Stardust commemorative casino coin decorating the fuel cap. It has original autographed cards of some of the top world poker champions on each side of the fuel tank in the form of a Royal Straight Flush and on the oil tank in the form of Big Slick . The autographed cards used are as follows : Left side of fuel tank in the heart suite , (10) – Doyle Brunson , (J) – John Juanda (Q) Annie Duke , (K) – Scotty Nguyen , (A) David “The Dragon” Pham Left side oil tank in the club suite , (A) – Daniel Negreanu , (K) – Chris “Jesus” Ferguson Right side of fuel tank in the diamond suite , (10) – Mystery man (J) - Roy “The Oracle” Winston (Q) – Jennifer Harman , (K) – Barry Greenstein , (A) – J.C. Tran Right side oil tank in the club suite , (A) – Gus Hansen , (K) – Phil Ivey We saved the Ace & King of spades suite to be hand tooled into the leather seat in color . What an awesome piece of leather craftsmanship by Carman Allen of Ft. Worth ,Tx. www.carmanallen.com The front and back fenders has a hand twisted chrome barbwire outlining the edges to give it that Texas flare . All of the chrome work was done by North Texas Quality Chrome of Gainesville , Tx. www.northtexasqualitychrome.com There’s four gold & silver commemorative casino coins from Harrahs , Flamingo , Horseshoe and Silver City imbedded into the oil tank . The bike is painted a poker table dark metallic emerald green. It has a 23 K gold leaf design on the fenders and fuel tank . It has the name of the bike “ BIG SLICK “ also in 23 K gold leaf which compliments the gold commemorative coins to a T. All of this work was the awesome free hand artistry of Bobby Kerr . The LED lighting system is a class act . The tail light is in the form of the famous cards of Wild Bill Hicock , The Dead Mans Hand of Ace’s and Eights with a nine kicker . It’s mounted flush with the curve of the rear fender. In the front spoiler is the card combo of Big Slick again flush mounted with LED lights that blink with the turn signals . It has a few green LED spot lights giving a green tent of sparkle and luster to the engine , rear wheel and to the ground underneath the bike . Assisting Cody with designing and the manufacturing of the LED light pads for the rear tail light and the spoiler lights was Mr. Chuck Crowdis , I got to tell ya . The lights look great . It has incredible engraving of barbwire with cards and floral designs on the head light casing , belt drive covers and the tappet cover caps and rings . It’s a work of art in itself . It was done by ; Tom Howe of Cowboy Silversmith of Millgrove , Ontario , Canada . www.tomhowe.ca It all compliments the matching green engine housing powder coated by ; Sumax of Oriskany , NY. www.sumax.com The elegant diamond cut of the air fens was done by Diamond Heads of Henderson , NV. www.diamondheads.com Last but certainly not least are the Big Slick wheels cut by : Ego Trip Wheels of Lubbock , Tx. . Talk about something adding just another touch of character to a bike , that done it . www.egotrippwheels.com To put a topping on all this , there is a short unveiling video of the bike at Cline’s Corner up on The Mountain in Canton Texas at the end of my new CD “ Big Slick “ . Yes sir , I love to gamble and I think I have a winner this time . It truly turned out to be a crazy country boys dream come true. BIG SLICK We haven't ridden it yet . Cody , one of the builders , had to go to Florida for a few weeks . He'll be the one to take it for a road trip and work out all the bugs before I ride it in any of the parades . However , I will be showing the bike in all of it's beauty , style , class and detail at some of the shows also to any of the special Poker Events if I get invited to take the bike as a showcase item. As the subject window of this e-mail states ; These photos are only sample shots that I did out in front of my home. Please DO NOT use any of these photos for any type of promotions at this time . I have a professional photographer coming Friday morning to capture the bike in all of it's beauty and detail for the promotional program I have planned . Please let me know your honest opinion of the bike .