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David Cline: Music

Honey's Little Hummer

(David Cline)
Honey’s Little Hummer
Copyright June 7 , 2006 David Cline
Circle Wire Records and Cline Acres Publishing
“ A “

Verse # 1
My wife is really young at heart , and totally unpredictable
She wants a new car and I thought , luxury convertible
We looked here there and yonder , and then to my surprise
An H3 Hummer is what caught her eye

Verse # 2
She said let’s get the keys , and take it for a spin
I said that’s fine with me , with a great big grin
She said it’s so pretty and looks like it’s , built to last
Cruising around in it , would really be a blast

Yeah , it’s the prettiest little H3 you ever laid your eyes on
Sun roof leather seats DVD , all kinds of chrome
I’m talking nothin’ but first class , bumper to bumper
If we buy it we’ll call it , Honey’s Little Hummer


Verse # 3

She said I love it and you know , it’s worth the money
So I told the man it’s sold , to my little Hummer Honey
If she’d wanted anything else, it would’ve been a bummer
Cause I might get to drive , Honey’s Little Hummer

Repeat Chorus with last line of
That’s one fine ride , it’s Honey’s Little Hummer

Yeah that’s one fine ride , it’s Honey’s Little Hummer