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David Cline: Guestbook

Dennis Floyd

January 20, 2014

Awesome singing...I am so proud of you. I am glad that my wife let me hear your songs.

Your Second Cousin Dennis

Dale Cummings "The C"

September 1, 2013

It was a Hot August Night at Cline's Corner Mr. David, but we had a lot of fun. Thanks again for letting Sam and Me entertain on your stage. It is a very special place and we are so proud to say that we have been there to perform!!!
God Bless You and Ms. Becky!!!

Dale Cummings "The C"

August 7, 2013

Hey Mr. David,
I am looking forward to coming back to Cline's Corner on Friday Evening, August 30th. It is going to be a fun time. Thanks for having me back as entertainment!
Your Friend,
Dale Cummings

Dale Cummings

March 3, 2013

Looking forward to being back at Cline's Corner on Saturday, June 1st.
The Car Show during the Day and then the Big Show at Cline's Corner that Night!
C ya real soon!!!

Suzanne Watson

August 2, 2012

I SURE AM LOOKING FORWARD TO SATURDAY EVENING, FABULOUS CLINE!!! :) I am sorry to say, for once, that I'm not bringing any rain chances with me!!! :) Thank you for allowing me to perform with you... always a wonderful time! See you Saturday.. CAN'T WAIT! :)

Dale Cummings "The C"

June 3, 2012

Vicki and I really enjoyed seeing you guys on Friday Evening...Thanks for having me as part of the show...C ya again real soon!!!

Dale "The C" Cummings

May 27, 2012

Looking forward to Friday June 1st...Gonna be a fun time at Cline's Corner...

Debbie (Kadie`s Mom)

May 25, 2012

Just want to let you know that we are excited about June 2nd,,,we had such an awesome time last time, and the crowd was wonderful.

Donna carroll

April 1, 2012

Who was the man singing on 3-31-12 he was the man singing before the little girl katy sang

Rita Flores

January 16, 2012

Looking forward to bringing Jade, to perform for you all in March

J.D. Cole

December 12, 2011

David, loved your song on Lonnie's Monday morning rooster.With Lonnie you can't go wrong.I write with Tracy Pitcox Publishing out of Brady, Tx. Visit my website sometime Bless you and your songs, J.D.

Tom Howe "Cowboy Silversmith".

September 28, 2011

I am honored to have had the pleasure of being a part of this beautiful machine .

Forrest A. Cline

September 15, 2011

David , It was GREAT seeing you ! Really nice to know Family still matters. Hope Becky liked her long distance hug. If you get time I would like to have Paul's addy.
Hope all is well , GOD bless you Becky and all the kids on down.

Suzanne Watson

July 7, 2011

HEY THERE GREATEST OF THE GREATS!!! I sure am missing you and the lovely Ms. Becky!!! Lookin' forward to seeing you guys very soon!!

Chris Bevill

June 8, 2011

Hey Mr. Cline,

Thanks for having me and The Spur On Band out on the Corner last weekend. The crowd was awesome. Look forward to coming back on July 2nd! Its gonna be ROCKIN'

Larry Wright

April 22, 2011

Great site!

David Cline

March 19, 2011

Hey buddy, saw you share my name. I love your tunes, especially those about poker.


November 3, 2010

I attended the preshow in Canton, TX in October. I really enjoyed the all 3 singers. More so, I enjoyed the interaction you all protray with the audience. Felt down to earth, comfortable, relaxing, Ahhhhhhhh!


August 27, 2010

You certainly deserve a round of applause for your post and more specifically, your blog in general. Very high quality material

Johnny Lauffer (JL)

August 7, 2010

Great Site DC....... I'm a DJ on Ears Radio and HomeTime Radio (DJ-JOHNNY) Hope 2 see yoiu there in September Sir!!!

Tammy Sherry

July 12, 2010

Congratulations Mr. Big Stuff.

Suzanne Watson

June 3, 2010

I ALWAYS have the best time with ya, SDD!!! Thank you for allowing me the honor and privilege of sharing the stage with you, and getting to hear that fine music you sing so well!!

Frank Anderson

June 3, 2010

playing your music David on EARS radio, Ivan Lackey ( wild man) johnny lauffer, peter redlaw and others

Oh and me LOL

Frank anderson
internet radio
EARS to you.

pst.Robert Opiyo

May 10, 2010

your so special to me and my church congregation for the encouraging gift of uplifting souls through your songs .ictualy admire to meet you when i will attending aconference in colorado this year13-18june .we would like to invite you and mum Becky to our wonderfull annual convention late this year .please let me know how to meet you .Thanks for your being .


May 4, 2010


Sara Lynn Wallin

February 6, 2010

Traditional Country Music! Thanks for keeping Country Music REAL! Please check out my website at and sign my guestbook as well as become a FREE member in an effort to support Traditional Country Music and the artists and fans that represent it. Thank you for your consideration and thanks for keeping it COUNTRY! Nice Website you all!

Valorie Brown

December 13, 2009

My husaband worked for a little radio station a few years back in Hamilton (Hank Ern)! where he got a hold of a couple of your cds. He loved the Border to border one. This July my 28 yr old daughter killed in a head on with a semi driving my husbands truck. The cd was shattered as well. I would like to get him another for Christmas. Your an awesome singer/songwriter and we both love your music. Hubby will be so excited that I have found this for him. Keep up the great work. Remember us in your prayers.

Pietsje Torensma and Tjitske Botma

November 14, 2009

hello david and becky
how are you doing? we are doing fine. still dancing! just wanted to say hello and that we still often think about you
greeting from Dokkum

jMike Uzzel (The gray hoss)

September 1, 2009

I am affliated with KPIR AM radio 1420 in Granbury Tx. We play county music. If you want to schedule a time to come by and be on the air, call me and I will probaly be able to get you on and push your CD. We are live Mon-Fri from 3-6 PM. Also, they are having a motorcycle show on Sat and Sunday, labor day weekene. E-mail me for details if you are interested.Your sweet ride will be appreciated and it is a public judging from 1-3 PM on Sat.

Mike Uzzel

September 1, 2009

Sure enjoyed meeting you at the Lincoln Tec/Pep boys show. Let me know more about your show on Septj 26.

Franc Svendsen

July 9, 2009

HI just bought your latest CD from Honkytonkin Music in Telephone Texas.
One word for your CD FANTASTIC. Keep up the good work. One of your fans in the country of Norway.

Do vyou have any music DVD in the mill ?
The Best Franc

Jim and Phyllis Hilliard

May 16, 2009

Hi ya'll-we really enjoyed the night last night at Catfish Cove. You do such a great job. We just love coming out to see you and Becky and to hear you and Tammy sing.


May 9, 2009

Hello David,

thx a lot for sending us your great songs. We presenting your songs at our radio shows at We saw you here in Berlin in Germany some years ago with Gary Bradshaw. It was a great show and we hope we will cu next time in Germany.

Yours Woelckchen

Jim and Phyllis

May 4, 2009

Hey ya'll-we enjoyed seeing you at Canton this past weekend. David, your new CD is really good and we are enjoying listening to you. Big Slick looks good on the front.


March 7, 2009

Hello to all ! Greetings From Poland. very Good Page !

malllory raridin

February 7, 2009

hey this is davids friend mallory

Suzanne Litchford

February 1, 2009

My friend Madylon, my granddaughter Candie and I visited the Mountain the weekend 1/30/09 and really enjoyed hearing your son Bryan sing. I will probably come back to Canton but not to shop. It will be to see you and Bryan perform. God Bless You and Your Family.


January 9, 2009

Hi there Mr. Cline,

A happy New Year to you and your family.

Looked you up at Youtube and found you hahahaha.
I was looking for your song Houston, I love that song....
But didn't find it on Youtube, so I play it on my pc.
Hope you have a great year.

Greetings from the Netherlands

Danny Bingham

November 4, 2008

David, Thanks so much for the opportunity to perform on your stage on the Mountain. I had a blast! Blessings. Danny Bingham

Lori Lloyd

November 3, 2008

Thanks so much for having Candice out to sing in Canton at Cline's Corner. We had a blast! Can't wait to come back on November 29th! See you then!

Wendy Thornton

October 25, 2008

David and darling Becky.Phillip and I so enjoy sseing what your website comes up with next.It's AWESOME!Can't wait to see the special chopper.Yeehaw!Much love to you and your family.Hugs from New Zealand.xx

Julia Howell

October 14, 2008

Hello David and Becky, so happy to hear you on MCTMG! You are on my daily "playlist" and enjoy so much. I sent Vern the link last night and told me he talked with you a few minutes ago. Know he loves your music but I'm your #1 fan in this part of the country!!
Take good care and hope someday to meet you.

Blessings always,

chris / dean

September 2, 2008

Thats! My Pa PA


August 31, 2008

Hi David and Becky,
My mom and I used to sell jewelry next to you in Canton. We are now over on the other side, but we sure do miss the entertainmetn! How are yall?

John & Roxana Dean/Shelby Milligan

August 10, 2008

Was wonderful talking to you tonight,looking forward to seeing you on the 30th for your grand opeaning //Roxana

Clarence Brown

August 7, 2008

enjoyed your music and got it throught Stan Cox site ,good luck in the future and keep makin good music

Stan Cox

July 30, 2008

Hello from Oklahoma!!! First heard your music through Gary Bradshaw, and have to say I've enjoyed everything I've heard. It has been a honor to be on some of the same WHP comps with talents such as yourself. Hope we get to meet soon...Stan Cox

sheryl kenning

July 11, 2008

I want you to know what big fans of yours and your son Bryan, the whole kenning family. I love your music. Your son Bryan is so taltented, he has one of the most beatiful voices i have ever heard. Hope he becomes very famous, but stays the good old boy from texas that he is. well you and Bryan put a smile on this family face everyday with your music. I hope to here more of your great music. Sheryl

Tammy Sherry

July 2, 2008

Just checking up on you. How ya doing? Miss ya.

Love your neice,

Liz Talley

June 15, 2008

Just dropping by to say hi! Miss seeing you guys. Always enjoy our visits. Liz

Alexander Gramse

June 1, 2008

Hi Dave,
great pleasure to mix your sound and great having met you at the Bay of Islands Country Rock Festival in New Zealand.
Hope to meet you again next year.
Kind regards


Tammy Stiles "Tammy Whynot"

May 26, 2008

My blessing to have met you, it felt like family when you talked to me to all of us and I love that both of you are happy family gentlemen I am an old body but you and Bryan still bring goosebumps when you sing. Its hard to find genuine good men. May God bless continue to bless and further your careers. It would be my pleasure to be one of your fans.


May 25, 2008

Wonderful to meet you David, thank you for the personal voice ID's and music for my station, David Cline is wall-to-wall in little 'ol Rotorua NZ.
We loved your shows and singing and your friendship, take care big guy, we'll meet again.
Kind regards
Ray Tombs
Radio Cindy 107.7fm

Ray Tombs Radio Cindy 107.7FM Rotorua NZ

May 25, 2008

Hi David
It was an absolute pleasure and honour to meet you when you came to perform in New Zealand. Thank you so much for your personal voice ID's and all your music that is now spinning on my station.
Cindy and I look forward to visiting Texas some time and you and Becky will be on the hit list for sure along with Paul and Helen Mateki.
Keep on smilin' and singing big guy, you're tops.
Kind regards
Ray Tombs

Betty G. Mc Cart Morand Urena

May 25, 2008

Dear David, I am searching for CLINE family ancestor data. I am descended from CLINE'S thru the Mc Macart line from late 1600 to early 1700's. I am glad to find that you are musically inclined. My grandmother and mom had beautful voices. My fourth son George plays guitar and has a great singing voice.

Anyway, if you have any info on the Cline's who settled in Sagamon Co. Illinois, let know.
Respectfully, your cousin (? maybe), Betty e-mail:

Irene Barr

May 3, 2008

I saw you play at our Cosie Club in Tokoroa for the Tokoroa Country and Western Club. I really enjoyed your music so keep it up and I hope you come back to see us one day.

Mike Johnson and Dean Taylor

April 30, 2008

Hey Papa,(Dean)
How's it going. I'm hangin' out at a place called The Lighthouse in Fairmont, MN. You should come up to our Opera House and do a concert. See you later. Mike will pass on any e-mails to me. (Dean) Talk to you later.

Phyllis and Jim and Jeremy

April 14, 2008

Hopeing you have a great time in New Zealand.


March 11, 2008

Love your music.
see you at Bay of Islands in May 2008.

Melody Arata

March 8, 2008

I hope to see you and your son again here in Mineola ya ware grate keep doing good



February 22, 2008


Jim and Phyllis and Jeemy

February 17, 2008

Hi David and Becky
We really enjoyed getting to see you 2 the other night. David, we love your songs and you do a great job singing. Keep it going. Hope we can see ya'll in Canton soon.

gracie nunnallee

January 30, 2008

your song heart and soul touched my aunt in such a way we would like to buy the cd,what a wonderful song..


January 27, 2008

Hi there David and Becky,

Just wanted to say hi!!!!

Greetings from The Netherlands


December 30, 2007

Received Lonnie Ratliff's newsletter and went to your site it's very profesional and I like the way it was et up. I did have some issues with "Ghost Riders In The Sky" and "I Think I'm A Cowboy" the link is missing and the song does not load.
Looks like you're doing a great job promoting yourself I wish you luck it's a hard road. If you get a chance look at my site at and listen to some of the projects that I have. I'm also on myspace and there's some songs there also. You can also check out and for some projects I'm involved in. If you get a chance got to some of the gatherings in Texas (there's a link at of EVENTS)and listen in to see if you like what you hear. I'm with The Western Music Association so you might want to look at some people involved in the orgenisation. I think if you attend one gathering you'll be surprised at the people you will see and the fun you will have. It's a great place to meet people in the industry and to get aquainted with like minded people.


December 6, 2007

Me and Zack really enjoy watching you on stage at Rodeo City Music Hall... Hope to see you there soon.

nikki cline

November 27, 2007

i hope u are doing good and u make lots if more really good music !!! i love ur music my fav song is bar stool to bar stool!!!!
well best of luck!

wanda mize

November 25, 2007

David keep up the good work
wanda mize

Tom T. Petty

November 21, 2007

Hey Great looking website.
Keep up the good work and will see you soon.

The C' Dale Cummings

November 8, 2007

Hello there Mr. David. Just wanted to say "Keep up the good work" See you real soon!!!

nikki CLINE! =]

November 6, 2007

hey uncle david how is your music comeing along i hope GOOD ............ =] well lots of LOVE!

Shane & Sharon - Clear Fork Trading Company

November 6, 2007

It was a pleasure listening to your music this past weekend while we were "On the Mountain". I enjoyed talking to both you and your wife. Thanks for the tacos ya'll gave us, we are now hooked. Hope to see you guys next month.


November 6, 2007

Hello David and Becky,

We will never probably meet in this world. I also like Jim Reeves'music and voice.
I congratulate you on this site and I wish you all that is good in our world!
As I have a friend in Texas I will also finish my letter with Happy Trails !
God bless,

chriss myers

October 11, 2007

I just wanted to stop in and say hi!! I have been hooked on your son Bryan's music. I can see where he gets his talent from. I will be looking forward to seeing him go national. Like father like son, you two are very talented and I wish you nothing but the best life has to offer!!!!

Tom T. Petty

September 29, 2007

Keep up the good work.

Gary Bradshaw

September 26, 2007

Howdy David
Just want to tell you what a pleasure it is to work with you and your music. I also wish you the best of luck with "Cline's Corner" and all you do.
Have a great day.